Spring Challenge!

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Spring Challenge

Several of our fellow members ran and walked in the Race for the Cure last weekend.

Congratulations to all of them! 

For many it was their first attempt at an organized race/walk.  When I asked if they had completed the entire course, several looked at me as if I were a fool.  One said, "Of course I finished - I didn't start out to not complete the race.  There was a point after I had run two miles that I really questioned my body's ability, but I took a deep breath, had a drink of water, and kept going." 

Wow...I was inspired.  Goal setting is powerful!
How about the goals we've set for our Spring Challenge? 

We are well under way and I know you can reach your goal. 


You just need to remember that there is something worthwhile at the finish line.  Is it a new size?  Is it exercising on a regular basis? Is it eating food that makes your body feel better?  Perhaps having your cholesterol numbers be in the normal range?  Could it be going on vacation?  Or wearing that bathing suit without the sarong? (sarongless Wendy?)  

There should and must be something important to you, otherwise you may not  be compelled to do what it takes to complete the challenge.
One member wrote:  "To me it's the biggest challenge I've ever had, one that will last me a lifetime, and I'll never give up keeping myself at my proper weight by eating the right foods (most of the time) and generally  taking care of myself. 

I think what happens is we make other things more important than ourselves and that just won't work.  We ARE as important as anyone and we have to give ourselves permission to take the time to reach our goals.  Sometimes we get a little off course and have pull ourselves back.  We get tired of doing the same old, same old.  Every now and then I have to get myself back to basics because some old habits try and creep back into my life and I find myself getting caught up in them.  That's the time I take myself back to the first week of Weight Watchers and the excitement that came with it." 

Wow, that sums it up, don't you think?
I recall my first days at Weight Watchers, when journaling my foods, keeping my portions under control, drinking plenty of water, finding time for exercise, and having plenty of point-friendly foods available, were a priority. 

How did you feel at the end of those first weeks when you accomplished the tasks at hand?  It always makes me feel wonderful, and that is itself a reward.
You are working on this Spring Challenge for YOU!  Don't forget that it is YOU who will reap the benefits once you've completed the challenge. 


Just like our friends who set out to complete the Race for the Cure, we are setting out to finish this Spring Challenge.  If you've started out slow, finish strong.  If you're plodding along, keep plodding.  There is a handsome reward for you at the finish line.  Sally, a member, said that she can look in the mirror each morning and say, "I did it!", and you can too!  Be good to yourself.  Remember-- you have everything you need to reach your goals, right inside you!  I just need to remind you each week. 

See you at the meeting!

Teresa  :~)