Super Bowl Showdown

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Here are my thoughts on the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday:

I could not care less about either of the two teams playing.  What a boring game this will probably be, and that will make this Super Bowl a food nightmare.  The commercials may be good and I will want to watch them, so there will be a good thirty minutes of the three plus hours when I'll be surrounded by football-shaped bowls full of greasy chips, vats of dip, a pot of chili that could feed a third-world country (topped with that old familiar pool of glistening fat), and of course, my favorite randomly placed mixed nuts and bowls of M&M's.  Even the bathroom will probably have a dish of mints!


What to do?  I do not want to gain weight this week and I do not have to despite the challenging circumstances.  Here's the plan:

I'm saving points as we speak, and will go in with at least ten points to spare.  I'm bringing user-friendly food with me to the party.  My famous marinated vegetables are always a hit.  Parboil the veggies and marinate overnight with Good Seasons Zesty Italian, made with only two tablespoons of olive oil and the rest water.  I'll be sure to bring enough - you'd be surprised how many people will eat them.  And I'll be adventurous with the vegetable choices.  I'm also taking a platter of chicken legs broiled with barbeque sauce, one point each with no skin, a bag of pretzel sticks, forty-eight for one point, some light beer, and some flavored waters.  I always drink one water first to hydrate up.  It sounds so trendy and it's point-free.  With all this in tow I'll not only seem excessively generous to everyone, but I can eat guilt-free.

Wearing tight jeans is a must!  I picked up a new pair this week when I realized my old tried-and-true jeans were very stretched out, making it easy for me to overeat when wearing them.  This may be a good time to purchase a pair in your new size.  What better anchor or friendly reminder than feeling that waistband!  Remember -  "nothing tastes as good as thin feels!"

I'm going to visit with my pals away from the buffet table or the kitchen.  I might even catch some of the game!  If there are nuts and chocolates loitering on the tabletops, they're out of there.  It's OK to move them!!!

Entering the Hall of Fat we call a Super Bowl Party can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are just getting into the groove of weight loss.  Make your own plan.  If even a couple of my strategies work, I'll be in a winning position, and Monday will be a new day with a new set of points!

Wish me luck friends!

Teresa   :~)

January 30, 2001

P.S.:  1/24/10  the more things change, the more they stay the same!  ;-)